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Gut(2018), 30mins live performance, Guest Projects, London, UK

Ultimate Fantasies(2018), a installation by Jennifer Boyd and Ruta Dumciute

Ultimate Fantasies is a project exploring the force of desire by Jennifer Boyd and Ruta Dumciute, and collaborators Leyla Pillai, Eunjung Kim, Madeleine Stack and POSSE. They will be in residence at Guest Projects, London for the month of June 2018.

What happens when desire - in the widest sense - is permanently inhabited, rather than a quick gesture or quashed longing towards a thing or person or life that you want? For example, Kembra Pfahler’s transformation of her rented apartment in the East Village, NY in which she covered all objects, walls and furnitures in the same cosy, innard-red paint.

This project understands the force of desire as a non-normative notion of total commitment. Inspired by figures in art and music who have refused to compromise, this project explores fantasies of the ‘ultimate’ and how these might manifest intensely refreshed and flavour enhanced in sculpture, space, sound, performance and text.

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