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We draw lines constantly and through this process we compose identity. When the lines become uncertain the stability of this starts to become less secure and we might fall into a black hole of uncertainty. I think my work starts from this un-stratified condition. In a way I face the reality principle composed out of structures ever hungry to consume raw identity within its infernal turn over of subjects and objects into a machinery of equivalence. I know that this has a name but I do not wish to use its name in case its microscopic powers find a route of expansion within my orbit. Instead I attempt to perform a mode of differentiation that moves away from this network of powers assumed.

Rather than the stability of identity then I open myself out within a journey of becoming. Not only is this a heightened relationship to transience itself but also it finds material condition within the in-between state of solid to liquid. My question relates to the possibility of a suspended relationship between a machinery of repression and the realm of freedom that erupts within difference. Rather than a case of being either-or as an absolute opposition, performance keeps alive the possibility of a state of becoming whereby difference might be in an open state of play. In this play I need to discover my sense of agency: what moves me and through what do I move. If I lean towards my own body it is because it has become so marked by the multiplicity of lines we might call social reality.

Each performance begins from these striations called lines that have each been drawn with different velocities. In the first stage to draw a line implies confirming a limit. I neither set out to redraw or to erase such lines in any obvious way. After all performance is simply the composition of gestures through which an imaginary space is evoked. I simply face an audience and ask for nothing. Asking for nothing is the inaugural gesture because it is the beginning of an ethical not material exchange. In my life I have been asked to exchange too much and too often. How deep I might have retreated in the darkness of this. I only demand of my body that for a moment it might be true in relationship to the gestures congregated by it, and for me this is the tiny moment of freedom that might erupt like the strike of a match within the energetics of my own becoming.

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