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Snail (2018), 03'25", Sound High On Time The Voice Box Heaved, Artsadmin, London, UK In Snail the internal weather of the body is sounded - rising heartbeat, wind, bubbling water and waves merging to create motion and fleshy static. Its title suggests an unfurling, a gradual movement and the presence of a multi-faceted body that is both tender and armoured, hermetic and prone to mark the space it occupies. Where Kim’s performance works often externalise surreal and viscous tensions on the body, Snail powerfully sounds an internal cavern - the slimed rumblings rising to a point where our own corporeal drives, infections and becomings are foregrounded. This piece was originally created as a part of an interdisciplinary video and performance work, and is being shown in audio-form for the first time in this programme.

- Jennifer Boyd-

* SHELL LIKE is a collaboration between writers Amy Pettifer and Jennifer Boyd, which takes the form of hour-long listening events featuring both existing and newly commissioned audio work by UK and international artists and writers. SHELL LIKE aims to create a dedicated space for sound work, as well as to explore the ways in which text can manifest outside the bounds of publication. SHELL LIKE focuses on the importance of listening - particularly as a group - as a vital social and political​

Snail (2013), 5mins, Video, Color, sound

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