Sit and Wait and Be Sweet



Photography, Ada Hao 



 Sit and Wait and Be Sweet (2019),

-1hours Live Performance, EcoTrash, EcoFuture; CUNTemporary, Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, London, UK

-4hours Live Performance, SEACurrent, Asia-Art-Activism Research Network; Raven Row, London, UK



A collaborative project by Eunjung Kim and Burong Z
Performance by Eunjung Kim and Burong

video by Eunjung Kim 

sound by Burong (edit. Garry Scott James)








Eunjung Kim and Burong Z ’s collaborative project Sit and Wait and Be Sweet is a live performance about becoming a future hybrid predator that makes a trap and is trapped simultaneously. Instead of discarding indigestible bubble gum residue, the performers use their lips, tongues and saliva to create

viscous lines and webs. Experimenting with recycling sticky gum waste and making art from garbage, the two artists bodies will create live, mutable abject art that cannot be consumed nor digested.




















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