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Photography. Jemima Yong

Temporal Fragments, 20mins Live Performance, Hackney Showroom, London, UK

(Featuring. Mago-mythologies)

As part of the F U T U R E R I T U A L tour, following response is by an artist Benjamin Sebastian. .

I remember the clay. I remember the fruit. (E.K)

In numerous creation myths the Golem is an anthropomorphic being, magically created from inanimate material (usually clay or dust) by the Divine or those closely related to it. The Golem is matter without form, body without soul. The Golem is imperfect. The raison d'etre of the Golem is servitude. We are all Golems beneath Capitalist, Nation State rule.

I M M O R (T) A L I T Y. Bring the Anarchy.

As your golemesque mask quickly erodes you refuse any position of servitude. YOU bring forth form from the clay though the actions and intentions of your body. You forge the phallus and leave it trivial in your wake.

A forbidden fruit becomes form without matter as you tether it, creating cartographies with string and clay.

I M M O R (T) A L I T Y.

You shed your face once and for all. You have turned the Golem back into clay. How can we convince our siblings to do the same?

I remember that NONE ARE FREE UNTIL ALL ARE FREE. I remember where we are and sigh.

> A version of this text, designed by Benjamin may be downloaded<

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